Jean-Gabriel Pageau notched a hat trick in Binghamton last night, with all three primary assists being credited to Mark Stone.
OTTAWA, ON. - The author of the best Sunday column in the country could not be found on Twitter for many users after the game on Tuesday.

The day after, the  award-winning journalist extended his streak of being unavailable for many. He remains 0-for-2014.

Don't these people realize some of us have information we need?

"I will not take this opportunity to, ahem, brag about my manhood." veteran Don Brennan said with a laugh.

And with that, Don Brennan and Bruce Garrioch once again shut out all their critics.

We get the cape thing. Some of us wrote some pretty funny jokes about it when he posted that avatar, and some even created photoshops. He knows we're still looking for the explanation we never did get on it.

But Garrioch, aka "Sun Sports = Bruce Garrioch", can have no real good reason to pull a boycott that started in 2012, one he temporarily lifted for some, only to block them again.

Online, when he popped out on a retweet, Garrioch joked "The naïve are out on twitter."

I tweeted him I was just happy to be seeing him at all.

"How much air is there in your world?" Garrioch replied with a little chuckle. I said enough, then added: "but the negative hot air you release is enough to contribute to global warming"

Replied Garrioch: "Bye Bye."

Apparently not.

I don't know for sure why we're getting stiffed by Garrioch. I do know that last season, he tweeted something about Sens fans being naive, and that my followers wanted me to ask him why. If it's personal, all he has to say is he wants to keep his private life private. That's cool. I wouldn't push him. I'd respect that.

But I also know that, heading into January, Garrioch hasn't unblocked anyone in seven days.

I want to talk to him about that, and anything else he cares to discuss that is keeping him from blocking at a Garrioch-like pace.

Like, is his wrist sore or something? I don't know.

The thing is, we all like Bruce. He's funny, quick-witted and generally a great quote. I care about him as a person as well, but not to the point I'd pry if told not to. I'm going to be seeing him for a long time, and I don't want to have with him a relationship like I had with Chris Stevenson.

Unlike Stevenson, Garrioch usually has interesting things to say I like passing on to my followers. But right now he's shutting all his critics out. Including his fans.